Somewhere in Cluj, in a quiet courtyard and not very far away from the urban buzz, a cozy house with vintage touch and a lot of personality- hosts an olive tree.


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Today’s hospitality must not be only about creating and sharing joy and good memories, but also about a deep consideration for the guests’ health and safety.

Explore our menu with delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes, homemade fermented beverages, unique cocktails and desserts without sugar, lactose or gluten-free ingredients.

Cashew foie gras
Ember roasted artichoke with peas puree and citrus beurre blanc
Raw cake with dates
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Our kitchen is run by Robert Mârza, the new head chef of the restaurant and Bogdan Păiuș, executive chef. The whole team comprises almost 100 people, who dedicate their skills and pour their soul into what they do every day .Without whom Samsara would not be the same, today. We believe that the most beautiful things in the world are done through unity rather than individually. At Samsara we are a valuable whole and we continue to attract skilled and talented people.
We want to get something extraordinary out of an ingredient. For that, we have to turn it around and explore its every side as if it was a completely unknown land.”
For an elevated level of happiness, any meal should end with a dessert, or start with one. Oh well, let the meal be a dessert. Why not? With this motto in mind and the love for nature, I started in a new kitchen at Samsara. A kitchen which allowed me to play with tastes and colors, scents and textures from all over the world. Still, I did not forget that the best out of anything can still be found at home!” Pascar Denisa – Pastry Chef
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Simplicity in a complex

Each ingredient has its importance and its story. This is why we choose to capitalize on each one as it deserves.
Samsara’s concept is unique and express simplicity in a complex way.
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Haute Cuisine

The ingredients and their seasonality are the foundation of our menu. Well-known tastes, reinterpreted in a creative, obvious delicious way.
Opening hours

We are open, with cozy covered terrace and we are waiting for you every day between 12 pm and 11 pm to visit us and enjoy a unique and perfect experience.

Should we save a place for you?


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Even though I am not a vegetarian, Samsara is one of my top picks for food in Cluj-Napoca. The food and service is good, the place is beautiful. Love the delivery service also. They try to be more sustainable and deliver by electric cars, using biodegradable containers and reducing the plastic as much as possible at the moment. Great job.

Coffentropy 08 Jun

Recomand din toata inima! Mancarea este foarte buna si angajatii foarte amabili. (Translated by Google) I wholeheartedly recommend! The food is very good and the employees very kind.en

Tabita Fulgeanu 8 Novembre

I higly recommend Samsara Foodhouse. I am not a vegetarian, nor a vegan, but I do enjoy their dishes a lot. I consider they have very healthy food on the menu & also the way it is prepared is healthy. You will not encounter deeply fried foods, nor foods with presumably harmful food additives & others as such. You will also enjoy the ambiance of their restaurant. So yes, I highly recommend Samsara Foodhouse.

Raluca Stefania February 11