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At Samsara, you’ll find a company that thrives on the passion and commitment of its people. To be successful with us, you need energy and the right attitude – all the rest we can teach.

We’re acutely aware that we’re only as good as our people, so we’re constantly on the hunt for future stars, and once we’ve found them do everything we can to keep them happy! If you are solution-oriented, passionate and with a global vision in what you do, send us your CV to resurseumane@samsara.ro.

Samsara Academy

Every year we are on the lookout for enthusiastic and motivated foodies, who are hungry to work in hospitality. We provide a challenging, fun, and ultimately rewarding experience, working with industry professionals in one of the most beautiful projects in this field.

To qualify for the program you need to have minimum knowledge about the department you want to be a part of. Your passion, ambition, and dedication are mandatory. Apply by sending an email at resurseumane@samsara.ro. Don’t forget to mention the department you would like to sign up for.

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