Our Story

For seven years now, Samsara Foodhouse has been serving plant-based dishes inspired by passion and love. The food concept is as simple as the dishes we serve and through simplicity each ingredient is enhanced without ever losing its identity. We choose to cook with local and seasonal products in order to connect with the place where are and the nature surrounding it. The local ingredients are an important pillar in our story. Connecting with nature should not be a luxury but a necessity for your mind, body and spirit. By bringing the ingredient closer to our guests, we create a myriad of benefits for everyone involved, from the farmer to the consumer and the entire environment.


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Even though I am not a vegetarian, Samsara is one of my top picks for food in Cluj-Napoca. The food and service is good, the place is beautiful. Love the delivery service also. They try to be more sustainable and deliver by electric cars, using biodegradable containers and reducing the plastic as much as possible at the moment. Great job.

Coffentropy 08 Jun

Recomand din toata inima! Mancarea este foarte buna si angajatii foarte amabili. (Translated by Google) I wholeheartedly recommend! The food is very good and the employees very kind.en

Tabita Fulgeanu 8 Novembre

I higly recommend Samsara Foodhouse. I am not a vegetarian, nor a vegan, but I do enjoy their dishes a lot. I consider they have very healthy food on the menu & also the way it is prepared is healthy. You will not encounter deeply fried foods, nor foods with presumably harmful food additives & others as such. You will also enjoy the ambiance of their restaurant. So yes, I highly recommend Samsara Foodhouse.

Raluca Stefania February 11